Sacha Garon Michaud

Why should this student get a Heart Accrual Fellowship?

The school team of the polyvalente Matane is proud to submit the candidacy of Sacha Garon-Michaud to emphasize its perseverance in school. Sacha is a 16-year-old girl who had to burn very hard during her school career.

Having learning disabilities, Sacha never gave up, even after a year of consolidation in elementary school and a year in high school. On the contrary, this girl has redoubled her efforts and has surrounded herself with the right people to help her, starting with the teacher-trainer and her teachers with whom she has created good ties, and her friends with whom she can study. She devotes several hours a week to recovering and studying her school subjects. Her teachers, who have been with her for several years, have only good words for her. They talk about Sacha as a hardworking student who is always trying to improve. In addition, she is a positive class leader and despite her own learning difficulties, she is always ready to help others.

All his efforts enabled him in September 2013 to stop having an intervention plan, as well as to maintain an academic average of 70% in regular secondary 3. Sacha continues to redouble his efforts to succeed in his secondary 5 and continue his studies in vocational training in aesthetic care.

I agree with this choice. I know Sacha since she entered high school as an integrated student and I can tell you that the fact that she is still regular and that she perseveres despite her great learning difficulties gives me the impression that everything is possible for these students Often neglected by the system.

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