Koh Maja

Why should this student get a Heart Accrual Fellowship?

I am lucky to be with Maja in an extracurricular fashion activity. Over the past year, Maja has acquired a great maturity on several levels. Indeed, within her group, it is possible to observe that she integrates much better, that she exposes more her opinion and that she regularly assists the other members. Maja was often the first arrival to the activity and the last to leave. This demonstrates his motivation very well. Moreover, Maja had the desire to learn throughout the project and she is now able to apply the different steps necessary to the creation of a fashion item. Moreover, Maja is also involved in school, because she is part of the committee of the album of graduates of his school.

Given that Maja plans to go to school for adults next fall, her goal was to move as far as possible in all of her school subjects. Maja is at different levels in her school subjects, but she persists tremendously to get her high school diploma. Thus, Maja asked her teachers questions and she worked well all year. Today, it considers that it has actually achieved its objectives.

Maja is always a positive person and she puts a lot of heart into everything she does. To conclude, this young woman is an excellent candidate for this scholarship because she has managed well the different spheres of her life during the year, while maintaining an excellent average in the school.

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