Audrey Manning

Why should this student get a Heart Accrual Fellowship?

MANNING … does that tell you anything? No! There is no mention of the prestigious quarterback of New Orleans playing for Denver, Peyton Manning, but of AUDREY MANNING. Yes, yes …
She may not be a glorious journey that this great sports professional for some, but still … he may be asked to Joselito Michaud what glory? He who has just published a book about it, he could enlighten us … Oh! And then, is it important anyway? For me, Audrey is glorious, she should be at all costs ovationnée! Applaud her, here is the beautiful Audrey, who finally finishes this session at Boudreau, her high school! I met her at the Camaradière when she was a teenager more than rebellious, how to forget it? Last winter, she was again, many years later, sitting in my classroom. Remember, the rebellious pupil had given way to a determined young woman who was anxious about the job well done. What a pleasure to work with her!

Reconciling her studies and her role as a mother (yes, she is also the single mother of a girl of about 4 years), Audrey never ceased to amaze me, I admired her secretly throughout the last session. I should have told her more often how good it was to persevere and not give up.

Last week, meeting her in the corridors, I knew she had been accepted into her nursing program at Cégep next year. Wow! This so good news made me spend a great day, I was really happy for her! Sometimes as a teacher, some of our students can be marked with gestures and words, I do not think I have scored Audrey, but she would like to know that she will have left her mark … Because by having “BOSSER FORT”, she reminds me that I practice a beautiful job and that although sometimes we do not always find our profession easy, these young adults that we accompany are worth it since their successes become somehow Ours too.

Audrey can be extremely proud of what she has accomplished and if, in a few years, we were to cross the corridors not from a school but from a hospital, I would like it to be Who takes care of me or my family. She will be professional, I’m sure, but surely she will have the human side, because she is a young woman who has HEART. I wish her the best of luck for her future and I congratulate her on this GLORIOUS VICTORY!

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